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The week of April 14th through April 19th 2014 was another great week for SafeDry Terrazzo Restoration. We restored a terrazzo floor in a duplex in Sarasota and a terrazzo floor in a house on the river in Fort Myers. I wanted to share some of the pictures we took from the week. Both floors were restored dry. As you can see, if you can get this kind of shine from a floor, without water, than why would you ever use water. We used two, four hundred pound, grinders on these floors. Running these planetary grinding machines saves a lot of time. We also fixed a crack on the Fort Myers terrazzo Restoration. The first picture you see is shown to so you can see our 400 pound planetary grinder. This floor was done in the past. The first pictures, after that, are from Sarasota. The Fort Myers terrazzo restoration show a lot of before and after images. The Fort Myers floor had crack repair.  As you can see, the crack is hard to pick up in the floor.Please check out the images from these jobs and let us know what you think. Give us a call for a free, on site, estimate. You can also shoot us an email to [email protected]


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