Terrazzo Restoration Naples & Marco Island

Hello, this blog is designed to show our terrazzo restoration services in Naples and Marco Island. This floor had been recrystallized in the past and, though it had some shine, it had a lot of scratches and evidence of the grinding process. I think the floor was not polished at all, but ground and recrystallized. We find that crystallization is used to shortcut terrazzo restoration a lot. The companies that do not polish the terrazzo floor, but crystallize early are cutting their terrazzo restoration cost and the final product will show that. Our Systems now allow us to dry polish. In the past dry polishing meant you had to sacrifice shine. Our new system gives us the option of restoring terrazzo flooring dry. Not only can we match the shine of wet, but these new diamonds allow us to get the best looking, shiniest floors ever.

At SafeDry we diamond polish, from 25 or 40 grit metal bond diamonds, all the way up to 3,000 grit resin bond diamonds. We use our 400 pound HTC planetary grinder to get into the floor and polish with three different diamond systems on every floor.

We spent three days on this job and check out the great results we got. Give me a call for a free estimate or if you have any questions. Joe Martin SafeDry President.

  terrazzo restoration services naples and marco island  terrazzo restoration services naples and marco island terrazzo restoration services naples and marco island   


The following images show a job done in early 2014 in Marco Island. This floor was polished completely with dry marble-polishing diamonds. No water, topical sealers, or acids. As you can see, the floor responded well to simply being dry polished. Terrazzo Restoration has changed significantly over the years, and in order to get the best floor possible, companies need to do research and test many products.

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