Tile Improperly Removed From Terrazzo

Quite often, homeowners want to save money on their terrazzo restoration; they decide to either remove the tile themselves or have someone they hire remove the tile off the terrazzo floor before it’s restored. This often results in tile improperly removed from terrazzo floors. While this, in the short run may save money, many homeowners and tile removers end up gouging floors and damaging the terrazzo floor when the tile is removed. Tile removers will frequently use chipping hammers which can result in damage more expensive to repair than the amount saved by hiring tile removers.
In my experience, homeowners tend to do a better job than tile removers they hire. Tile removers hired by homeowners frequently get frustrated by the process and stop trying to preserve the floor underneath. You can oftentimes tell where the tile removers stopped being careful with the floor underneath as the amount of damage left in their wake increases throughout the job. Because of this, I feel it’s important to express that when the tile is removed with a chipping hammer, you should never point the chipping hammer head straight down. Always use a wide chipping hammer head and chisel. Pop the tile off the floor and never allow the chipping hammer to sit in one place. It’s also important to sweep the area after completing an area to be sure you’re not digging holes in the terrazzo floor. Many homeowners will gouge and dig holes all over the floor unknowingly. Some of the gouges in the pictures below were as much as a half inch deep. Some holes even went all the way through the terrazzo.
People who remove tile from terrazzo all the time know how to do the job right, while tile removers who remove tile to prepare the floor for carpet or new tile have no experience in taking care of the floor below. If you want to remove tile before we or another contractor is doing your terrazzo floor, do yourself a favor and let them kn0w you intend to hire another company to remove your terrazzo. Allow them to give you the information you need. If you let them do it themselves, you’ll not only likely save money in the long run by not having to pay for repairs but also the final terrazzo product will be of much higher quality. Always let the experts do it or if necessary, do it yourself. If you’ll be doing it yourself always wear the proper safety equipment, including gloves, goggles, and arm protection. If in doubt, use a hammer and break the tile. You’re far less likely to damage the floor by doing it that way. If you have questions, call us at the number above or email the owner at Joe@safedry.com
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