Terrazzo Restoration Punta Gorda

On the south end of Charlotte Harbor sits a beautiful quaint town of Punta Gorda. Terrazzo Restoration Punta Gorda is a sight intended to show the folks who live there some of our terrazzo floors we have done and discus why our floors out shine all our competitors. The floors you see in this post were all old Florida terrazzo floors. Ninety nine percent of all the floors we do are over forty years old. These old terrazzo floors are a treasure. Today these floors can easily cost $50 a square foot to install. Today these terrazzo floors can be uncovered and restored at a small fraction of that cost. Why uncover your terrazzo floor and restore it?

Well, we already covered the fact it is a valuable commodity. Now we will talk about why is of such value. We have restored floors that were installed over one hundred years ago. If your house is around in one hundred years and you have terrazzo than you will still have terrazzo in 2114. Well, not you but whomever owns the house. Once your floors are restored they never need completely restored again. As long as the floors are maintained and not abused they can simply be done with polishing grits. Under normal use this is done every eight to ten years. At SafeDry Terrazzo Restoration we restore terrazzo floors using all dry grits.

We never apply a topical finish. If you check around this site you will see hundreds of images from terrazzo floors. There is a reason we have the best looking pictures. We have the best system. Many of these images show water on floors. These floors were done when we used a wet system. Last year we spent six moths testing and developing a new dry system. For the last eight months we have gone completely dry. We have the shiniest floors in our industry and do not have to deal with the problems all that water brings. You will love your terrazzo seamless terrazzo floors. They are cleaned with a neutral, no rinse cleaner. Dust mop often and put good rugs inside and outside you doors and they will last a decade without needing professionally cleaned. If you like what you see please like us on Facebook. You can click the icons at the top and bottom of this page. If you have any question please give us a call. We give free on site estimates. You can also email us @ Joe@SafeDry.com

By Joe Martin SafeDry President

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