Terrazzo Chip and Crack Repair

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Chip and Hole Repair in Terrazzo

In all the terrazzo restorations I have done over the years in Florida we seldom see a floor without chip or cracks. Back in the day people fell in hate with terrazzo for many reasons. It was slippery, it was high maintenance as the floors needed stripped and re-finished periodically and over time the floors were hard to get clean, as the floors were done to one hundred or two hundred grit. This led most to simply cover their terrazzo floors with a variety of flooring. Today, Floridian’s are tearing out that old flooring and going back to the terrazzo flooring that lies under their tile or carpet. There are many ways to fill these chip holes in your terrazzo floor with a variety of results. I am asked, almost every day, if chips and cracks in terrazzo flooring can be repaired. The answer is yes. . Last month I took some prospective customers by a house we had just finished restoring. We had fill over one hundred and fifty holes. The couple walked the floor for several minutes. In the end they could not find any repairs. This is always our goal, but everything we do is by hand and by eye. We can repair chips and crack to look great. Remember a repair is a repair, so if you fix a crack in terrazzo many thing can impact the results.

Cracks in Terrazzo Flooring   

One of the main problems that influence how well a crack, in terrazzo flooring, turns out is where the crack is located. If a crack is in a doorway, or in front of a full length window it can never be invisible. If you stand over the crack you may not see it at all, but if you stand back and look out the door you will see it. Our goal in every repair is that it does not detract from the beauty of the terrazzo floor. Over the many years we have done terrazzo restoration we have made it a point to get better at crack repairs. When people worry about cracks in terrazzo floors the worry is almost always greater before the repair then after.

Terrazzo Chip and Crack Repair


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