Proper Terrazzo Care

This site is designed to answer all of your questions about your terrazzo flooring. If you have a question and cannot find the answer here please contact us and we will try to answer it as quickly as we can.

After a terrazzo floor is polished it will need proper terrazzo care. Terrazzo floors should be cleaned with a neutral cleaner. You can find neutral cleaners at most box stores. Most neutral cleaners are no rinse formulas, so you clean the floor, let it dry and you are done. Never use strong cleaners or vinegar on a diamond polished terrazzo floor. These products can etch your terrazzo floor and may leave them with no shine at all. Also invest in a microfiber dust mop. Dust mop often. Never use a swifter, as the chemicals will likely not be neutral. If you like what you read on this page please click the Facebook button at the left side of this page to share, like and follow.  Thank you for your support.


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