Terrazzo Restoration Daytona

Daytona is famous for Daytona Beach, Bike Week, and the Daytona International Speedway. Daytona is also known for its beautiful terrazzo flooring.. Over our long career, we’ve had the opportunity to restore many terrazzo floors in Daytona. We’ve worked for years to develop the best terrazzo restoration system in the world! Our system is a completely dry process. It was always our goal to restore terrazzo dry. The problem was there were no systems in place to produce a high shine with a dry process. We use a dry diamond, terrazzo restoration, system today that gives us the best looking floors in our industry. Our goal is always to be the best terrazzo restoration company in the world. At SafeDry we never use a topical sealer. We use a penetrating sealer that does not add shine. all of the shine is the floor. this gives our customers the longest lasting, shiniest best looking terrazzo floors possible. We use a hand tool to edge the entire floor six times. Remember we do not use water to restore your terrazzo floors so there is not messy slurry to deal with. Wet terrazzo restoration can use thousands of gallons of water and produce that amount in slurry waste. This can cause a huge problem, as no company is prepared to take that slurry with them. As stated our goal is to produce the best looking terrazzo floors possible. We hope you’ll agree when you see the photos below. If you have any questions please shoot me an email to Joe@SafeDry.com, or give me a call. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this site. Joe Martin SafeDry President

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