Terrazzo Floor Gallery

This site is designed to answer all of your questions about your terrazzo flooring. If you have a question and cannot find the answer here please contact us and we will try to answer it as quickly as we can.


One thing we pride ourselves on at SafeDry Terrazzo Restoration is having the greatest terrazzo floor gallery in the world. This Terrazzo Gallery page will grow in time as we add more pictures of restored terrazzo. There are more terrazzo restoration pictures all around TerrazzoRestorationBlog.com. Every city page on the home page has pictures. We also have the Terrazzo Restoration Before and After Page. We feel the more images of terrazzo restoration jobs the better we can represent our work. SafeDry uses an all dry, all diamond terrazzo restoration system. All the floors in these images were taken to a high shine with diamonds and nothing else. There are no topical products. No acids were used to produce the shines on these terrazzo floors. Check out the site and if you have any questions feel free to send me an email to SafeDryTerrazzo@gmail.com or give us a call. SafeDry offers free in home estimates. We can also give you a close price over the phone if you have the measured size of your home or the under air measurements. Thank you again. Joe Martin. SafeDry President.

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