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Terrazzo Restoration Sarasota talks about what sets SafeDry apart from other companies. SafeDry has restored terrazzo in the Sarasota area for many years. In fact, we have done more terrazzo restoration in Sarasota than in any other city. In all those years, we have seen some really great floors in Sarasota. This page shows some recent jobs we have done in Sarasota. We could show hundreds or thousands of pictures from Sarasota. We thought these images would be a good representation of our work. This is what you can expect from SafeDry Terrazzo Restoration in Sarasota. Many people in Sarasota love terrazzo flooring and understand how beautiful it can look if restored.

Terrazzo floor restoration has many steps that need to be properly performed. SafeDry does edges, corners and toe kicks with a hand and edge tool. We do most terrazzo restorations dry.  SafeDry Terrazzo Restoration uses dust collection systems to remove most dust. There are some companies, in Sarasota, that fill holes with an epoxy that is not properly matched to the floor.  These companies than use markers to draw dots. SafeDry Terrazzo Restoration uses an epoxy, matched with pigment, to your floor. After we match the epoxy we match the rocks to the floor. Some service providers carry four or five colors of stone. SafeDry Terrazzo Restoration carries over sixty colors and sizes of rocks, so we can get the best match. We use the best product on the market to get the best results possible. Our diamonds cost much more than our competitors diamonds. Make no mistake, If we could get the same results with a cheaper diamond we would use those diamonds. We test all our diamond to insure we always use the best tooling possible. We also use a four hundred pound planetary grinder from HTC. This allows us to get deeper into the floor to get closer the original color and produce the best result.

I hope you enjoyed Terrazzo Restoration Sarasota. If you live in the Sarasota area, and you want to know how beautiful your terrazzo floor can be. Call us for a free on-site estimate, or email us at [email protected]. If you like what you have read please click the FaceBook like at the top or bottom of this page.   


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