Terrazzo Restoration Englewood

Terrazzo restoration Englewood is designed to show some of the terrazzo restoration jobs done by SafeDry in the Englewood Florida area. Over the years, SafeDry has restored many, many terrazzo floors in and around Englewood. This area has many terrazzo floors from the 1950s and the 1960s. When SafeDry does an Englewood terrazzo restoration, we use 12 steps of grinding, toning, and polishing. Englewood has a lot of many great terrazzo floors. From Beach Drive along Manasota Key to interior Englewood we have restored a lot of terrazzo floors in Englewood.

SafeDry now uses a dry terrazzo restoration on almost every terrazzo restoration we do.  Dry terrazzo restoration has a lot of advantages over wet. In the past terrazzo floors had to be restored wet. Dry polishing could not get a high shine. Our dry system can out shine any system, wet or dry, in the world. In most cases your terrazzo floor can be restored dry by SafeDry terrazzo Restoration. The only floor that may not be restored dry are floors with a lot of stains. We often pre-treat these floors. This allows us to remove most of the stains in advance.  SafeDry uses dust collection systems to remove as much dust as possible. A few of the below pictures are from a terrazzo floor completed in October of 2013.  This floor was restored with dry diamonds designed for marble and terrazzo flooring. If you are located anywhere in southwest Florida, give us a call so you can have one of the shiniest terrazzo floors in the world! You can also email us at [email protected].

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