Terrazzo Restoration Lake Wales

“Terrazzo Restoration Lake Wales”, shows images from a resent terrazzo floor restoration in Lake Wales. Lake Wales is located between Bartow Florida and Yeehaw Junction, on Florida Sate Route 60. This terrazzo floor shown below was restored in late 2014. This floor was ground, honed and polished using all dry terrazzo diamonds and two HTC 500 floor grinders. SafeDry Terrazzo Restoration never uses topical coating. This floor has two application of five year penetrating protectant. These protectants do not promote a shine. The penetrating protectant used by SafeDry goes into the floor and is water based. The floors are protected from oil and water based stains. Remember your floors are marble and Portland cement, so acids will still etch, or remove the shine from the floor. This etching is, most often, very shallow and can be corrected quickly. This floor shines from diamonds only. A one hundred percent diamond polished shine. We hear about a lot of tricks to get terrazzo to shine. All the trick get you is a lower level of shine that degrades quickly.


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