Terrazzo Restoration Cape Coral

Terrazzo restoration Cape Coral is a page showing how great Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration’s terrazzo floors look. Cape Coral has a lot of terrazzo flooring that was installed during original construction during the 1960s and 1970s. These floors come in a variety of chip colors blended with off white Portland cement. Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration has restored many of these floors over the years and we love to spend time in Cape Coral. The warm winds and fine restaurants Cape Coral is known for make any visit enjoyable.That said, terrazzo restoration is a hard job, so we do not get much spare time. Most of the terrazzo, in Cape Coral is in the south end of the peninsula.   We even restored one of a terrazzo floor in one of the original  homes built in Cape Coral. The large pictures at the bottom are from a terrazzo restoration done in Cape Coral in late February 2014. The house is on Miramar Ct., The house is owned by Mr. Burris. He told us everyone who sees his floors loves the and wonders why anyone would want to cover them. Unfortunately, it was cloudy when we finished. We also struggled with large covered areas that blocked a great reflection. That being said you can see the floor looks great. As is the case, quite often, I took my pictures before the floor was dust mopped. Sorry for some of the dust and footprints. We did gloss meter reading and got over 100 on this floor. That is very high for a polished terrazzo floor. Higher than most restorers have ever seen from marble. Terrazzo needs special care get the best shine. Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration never uses topical sealers on terrazzo floors. We use penetrating  protectants that go into the floor, but not on top.  Our shine comes from diamond grinding and polishing. This gives you a shine that never needs stripped with an impregnating protectant that lasts five years. In fact we use two application of premium stone penetrating protectant in the floor. We do all the edges and under the toe kicks with an edge tool and hand tool. We take the edges all the way up to 1500 grit and the rest of the floor up to three thousand grit. If you would like Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration to check out your terrazzo floor, or if you would like a free estimate give us a call. We might be able to give you a price over the phone. Joe Martin Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration President. SafeDryTerrazzo@gmail.com

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