Terrazzo Restoration Port Charlotte

Terrazzo Restoration Port Charlotte includes some pictures from terrazzo restorations done by Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration in Port Charlotte Florida. Port Charlotte has a lot of terrazzo flooring on both sides of US 41. I have seen a many terrazzo floors that came out looking fantastic after restoration in this area. Over the years Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration did most of these floors with a wet terrazzo restoration system. We tested many dry systems, but the results were less than impressive. We stayed with our wet system while always hoping we would come up with a dry system that could equal the results of the wet system.

In January of 2013 My wife and I went to the World of Concrete trade show in Las Vegas and found a new, dry system that showed promise. The system was so new we beta tested it for the company. After tweaking that system for six months we finally switched to an all dry system. The results have been amazing. Our floors now look better than any I have ever seen. At Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration we have always strives to be the best terrazzo restoration company in the world. Our customers usually agree. With our dry system we use a state-of-the-art dust collection systems to cut down on dust. Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration also edges the entire house with several grits to get great looking edges. We carry over sixty sizes and colors of rocks for patching chips and holes. We never restore using a buffer. We use a four hundred pound grinder for all our restorations.


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