Cleaning Instruction for Diamond Polished Terrazzo

Initial Cleaning After your Terrazzo has been Restored

After your floor has been restored you will need to mop the floor well a couple of days later. Our process tends to push the dust out of the floor for two or three days. To get all this dust off the floor will need a good cleaning. Start with a clean bucket of water. Dip your mop into the bucket and put it straight onto the floor. Soak the floor. Dip and wring the mop well. Mop the floor with the damp mop. Repeat by dipping and wringing the mop three more times. Move to another area and repeat these steps until the entire floor has been cleaned. This should remove all the dust. If it doesn’t, repeat this process the following day. After this initial cleaning, continue periodic mopping for the next 2 weeks using a PH neutral cleaner or a marble daily cleaner.
Marble daily cleaners are PH neutral cleaners made for the upkeep of a diamond polished surface. You can maintain the floor with these cleaners or a household steam cleaner. If the floor gets very dirty and it becomes difficult to clean, use the system mentioned for immediately after restoration explained above. The floors can be cleaned alternatively with daily cleaner or just water.
For the longest lasting floors, make sure to keep your floor free of sand.




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