Terrazzo Restoration Bradenton

Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration has done terrazzo restorations in the Bradenton Florida area for many, many years. We have worked in Bradenton Beach and near I-75 and SR 64. We have done terrazzo restorations near the airport and restored a clubhouse on 53rd. Over the years we have seen a variety of terrazzo floors in Bradenton. Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration restores terrazzo floors by diamond grinding and polishing. Many terrazzo restoration companies in the Bradenton area simply hone to four hundred grit than coat the floor. This coating may scratch within days of installation. Others will hone to four hundred grit than crystallize the floor. Often these floors show scratches when finished and need re-buffed every one or two years.

Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration does terrazzo restoration with all dry diamonds. We use a terrazzo restoration system that is designed to grind, hone and polish your terrazzo floors without water. We use a four hundred pound grinder that allows us to get deeper into your floor to get your floor color the closest to its original shade of any company. At Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration we used to use buffers to restore terrazzo floors. Six years ago we bought our first floor grinder and we never looked back. Since the purchase of our first grinder we have added two more grinders and have never used a buffer to polish a terrazzo floor. Our system has evolved from the first floors we restored to our present system. As new technology come online we test these diamonds and systems against our present one to insure we always get the best results possible. We beta tested our present system for a time early in 2013. We spent six months tweaking this system in order to incorporate it into other systems to get the best results. If you like Terrazzo Restoration Bradenton please like us on Facebook at the top and bottom of this page or check us out @ www.Facebook.com/TerrazzoRestorationBlog

At SafeDry we diamond polish up to three thousand grit. The impregnating protectant we use is penetrating, so it does not coat. We  use two applications of penetrating protectant.  This gives your floor up to five years of protection.


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