Terrazzo Restoration Preparation

Terrazzo Restoration Prep

How to get Ready for Terrazzo Floor Restoration

If you have scheduled your terrazzo floor restoration, it helps to understand how terrazzo restoration preparation to ensure your floor is ready. Here are a few things that should be done before the terrazzo restoration company arrives.

First, your floor should be completely cleared. I am often asked if furniture can be moved around during the restoration. The simple answer is no. Restoration takes over ten steps of grinding and polishing. Everything should be moved to the garage, or an area not being restored. Areas not being restored are to be protected with plastic to keep out dust. All interior doors get removed. If you have an alarm system be sure to call the security company and have that system placed on test mode. A little dust can set off a smoke alarm. Be sure your breaker box is unlocked. Terrazzo restoration uses many tools and, until the techs understand how your electrical grid is set up they will most definitely pop breakers. It is also a good idea to tape breakers with live wires off. We do a lot of terrazzo floors in home that are in the middle of a remodel. These homes can have a lot of bare wires. Most companies will move the refrigerator, so make sure it is empty. If the company you choose has a trailer make sure to leave room in the driveway near the entrance. The more steps between the door and the trailer, the more contamination may travel into your home. Empty out everything from the shelves in the closets. That includes all the clothing as well. All these things should help to have a smooth start to your terrazzo restoration.

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