Terrazzo Restoration Lakeland

Over the years, SafeDry Terrazzo Restoration has done floors all over Polk County and Lakeland. One of our very first jobs was a house on Lake Hollingsworth. The pictures from that floor were stolen and re-used all over the country. Though the floor was unique and beautiful, I do not use those pictures any more. We have grown in our approach over the years. There have also been a lot of improvements on diamond tooling. Back in my time in the army I was in a mortar crew. We had to dig in and camouflage our guns. The idea was not to just get up the best como possible, but to always improve. We would always look around and see what the landscape looked like. In one case we were in the middle of a palmetto stand. over a couple of day we would improve and adjust. By the time we were done you could not pick out our site from an area where you could clearly view all three guns. They were part of the landscape. We have always tried to get better.

Our goal is to always be the best terrazzo restoration company in the world. All without water.

Our system uses all dry grinding and polishing grits. Our impregnating protectants are not topical, but penetrating. We never use polishing powders or recrystallize terrazzo. Those systems need much more maintenance. Our terrazzo restoration system lasts eight to ten years before it needs re-polishing. Give us a call if you have any questions. You can also send an email to Joe@SafeDry.com

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