Terrazzo Restoration Tampa

Tampa was built up earlier than Orlando. In 1970 Tampa had a population of nearly 300,000, while Orlando had a population of just over 100,000. In the terrazzo world, that means Tampa has a lot more old terrazzo than Orlando. Terrazzo floors were the norm in construction from around 1955 until around 1972. If your house is in central Florida and was built-in these years, it most likely has terrazzo floors.

Tampa has many terrazzo floors in south Tampa, as well as west and north Tampa. All over Tampa you can find these terrazzo treasures. Tampa has grey and white Portland cement terrazzo. Most all terrazzo flooring can be made to look great when properly polished. At Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration we only use dry polishing. No messy water is used to polish your floors. We use a four hundred pound planetary grinder in which the diamonds used to shine the terrazzo floors are the best diamond tooling in the world. The impregnating protectants we use are penetrating and go into the floor, not on the floor. Our mechanical polishing system gives  you the longest lasting, shiniest, best looking floors possible. No tricks. No coatings. No water. No acids. Just the best looking floors in the state of Florida. If you have any question please give us a call, or send an email to [email protected]. Joe Martin Safe Dry Terrazzo Restoration President.

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