Dry Terrazzo Restoration

Can Terrazzo Be Dry Polished?

Dry terrazzo restoration has finally become a viable tool. This new system for dry polished terrazzo is the most exciting thing to come around in the terrazzo restoration business in a long time, if not all time. When I go out and give estimates for terrazzo restoration many people ask if we will do the floor dry. My answer has always been that no system has been developed that can produce a high shine with dry polishing for marble or terrazzo. That has just changed. These two floors were done without any wet grits and I got the highest readings on a gloss meter that I have ever gotten from terrazzo. We have been testing, for many years, hoping we would come up with a way to polish terrazzo using no water. Our hope was to match the shine we got from wet polishing. We never imagined we would get our shiniest terrazzo floors ever. This system may never be right for every floor, but for the right floors it cannot be topped in the industry today for truly diamond polished terrazzo.
The top pictures show readings from a reflectometer. This tool analyzes how shiny the reflection is. It then assigns a number to that shine. I used this toll on a new marble floor and got the same ranges we get from this dry terrazzo restoration system.
We will always strive to find the best, longest lasting most efficient ways to restore terrazzo flooring. While this is the most exciting advance in terrazzo restoration since the synthetic diamond we will always try to find a better way to restore terrazzo. Dry polished terrazzo is definitely a game changer.
This floor was polished to 3000 grit, without any powders, or crystallization. Can terrazzo be dry polished? The answer in an emphatic yes. If you have any questions please give us a call today, or shoot me an email. SafeDryTerrazzo@gmail.com

By Joe Martin; SafeDry President

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