Diamond Polished Terrazzo

From sanding screens that offer limited success to polishing powders and re crystallization, there are several ways to polish a terrazzo floor.  At Safe Dry, we only offer diamond polished terrazzo restoration. Safe Dry has developed several diamond polishing systems to ensure that we can give the consumer the longest lasting, shiniest, best looking terrazzo floor possible. For many years, people have ground and hone floors with diamonds only to follow up with acid like those found in polishing powders and crystallization formulas. When confronted, these companies would often say “People want the wet look” consumers want the shiniest floors, for years that was possible only through crystallization. Though these floors came with a more rigorous maintenance schedule, if done right, they looked good as a finished product. The problems came when they needed rebuffed every one or two years.

At Safe Dry, we feel our systems offer a long lasting, low maintenance diamond polished terrazzo floor. When a floor is a truly “diamond polished terrazzo floor” it should last 8-10 years before any further polishing is needed (under normal use.) We believe that if you check out the pictures on this blog you’ll agree, no other system can compare to Safe Dry’s diamond polished terrazzo floor. If you want your floor to look like the ones in these pictures, give SafeDry a call today so we can give you your own diamond polished terrazzo floor. You can also email us at Joe@Safedry.com.

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