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Terrazzo Is the Hot Floor In Florida

Over the years I have many people tell me their real estate agent told them terrazzo floors are dated and people do not like them. For the last few years I have been telling people their agents are wrong. I have not heard anyone say that for over a year. What I hear, almost every day, is that terrazzo is the hot floor in Florida right now. Terrazzo has been on the comeback for many years. Now it has arrived. Many things have contributed to this comeback. For one the techniques used to restore terrazzo floors.

Not everyone has changed. Many do floors the same way they did ten years ago. The word has gotten out that not every terrazzo restoration company is equal. Some floors need constant upkeep, while others never look good to begin with. One customer, whose floor we restored this week, has used several companies. Not all were bad companies. When he saw one of our floor, a few weeks ago, he knew he was seeing another level of restoration. That being said even some other companies he used, restored the floor to look good. We are not the only reason terrazzo is making a comeback. Diamond polishing gives you a great looking, long lasting,, durable terrazzo floor. When floors are done properly they look like marble. That is because they are mostly marble. Terrazzo has come all the way back. No need to coat, or strip again.

With diamond polished terrazzo the floors shine like glass, but has no coating. Coating scratch up quickly, turn yellow and need stripped and recoated. Nothing can be harder then your terrazzo floor. Today you can have your floor restored and it last for eight to over ten years before it need polished up. There is seldom a professional cleaning needed as the pours are so tight dirt has a hard time getting into the floor. We also use a penetrating sealer that does everything a topical sealer does to protect your floor. Terrazzo is the hot floor in Florida right now and it will be for many years to come. 



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